"We Bring the Courthouse to You"


We are based out of Oklahoma City, but are willing to travel to any location. We have experience in eight states and we are always up to new challenges. We have extensive experience in Abstracting and creating Run-sheets in states such as Texas.

Because of our management system we can coordinate our imagers to bring in the “High Priority” images quicker to help our clients receive the Courthouse Documents they need before their competition.

We can deliver the images any way needed from complete print outs to downloadable links or just the traditional disk and folders with Index print outs.

Imaging Services
EDI also has extensive experience with Townsite imaging and searching for documents including probates. As well as coordinating with our clients on a daily basis if needed to ensure we stay up on the changing leasing environment. We can image for a specific shoot including leasehold, minerals only or an update.

At EDI we know how important confidentiality is to our clients and we take the information we have seriously. We install this confidentiality throughout the company and everyone working for EDI has Confidentiality Agreements.

Specialized Services
Please contact us for more information on premier, short time frame, and highly detailed services as we have the ability to accommodate and assist in all areas of land. It is common practice for EDI to be of benefit in areas outside of the standard digital imaging requests.

We have our own server that we use to keep our clients documents safe for long term storage. We also have experience in uploading images to our client’s servers as well for their long term storage.

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